Projet H1 Hamonie - Urban rental living on the West Island

Offering chic and city-style apartments for rent in Pointe-Claire, H1 Harmonie is the very definition of urban flair and comfort. Bright and spacious apartments make up this project located in a peaceful yet vibrant micro neighbourhood. All these perks can be yours by choosing H1 as your living environment.

H1 Harmonie: Apartments for rent in the West Island

H1 Harmonie’s 3 ½ and 4 ½ apartments boast exceptional quality and come with many advantages, including a wide array of amenities available on site. These sleekly designed apartments for rentare equipped with many practical storage spaces, and the units’ large windows let in plenty of natural light. On top of that, each unit comes with a balcony and air-conditioning.

Our broad range of services and amenities serves as a one-stop shop for our tenants, much to their delight. H1 Harmonie has a rooftop space featuring a pool, a terrace and a multi-purpose room, which makes it the perfect spot to relax or have guests over. The Sky Gym is a private fitness room with a magnificent panoramic view. Other practical amenities provided by H1 Harmonie include an on-site car wash service and elevators for seamless access to units. You’ll be charmed by all that H1 Harmonie has to offer under one roof on your very first visit!

Experience Pointe-Claire like never before

Located on the West Island, H1 Harmonie truly brings you, one-of-a-kind apartments for rent. Pointe-Claire is a great place to find the right balance between urban living and the soothing comfort that can be found on the West Island. Just a stone’s throw away from H1 Harmonie are several parks as well as an enviable network of bike paths. If you’re looking to have access to a number of services, H1 Harmonie is the place to be! For more information and to find an apartment that’s equally stylish and comfortable, feel free to reach out to our team.

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